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The world keeps the turning, the Sun keeps burning

Look at the title of the entry or BE DAMNED.  Sometimes awesome nuggest of cool... stuff is hidden in titles and footnotes and et cetera.  Seriously, I should write a really dry book with lots of endnotes, but have all the entertainment and comedy hidden in the endnotes.  EVIL.

I'm late for my own Link Showcase, I really suck at deadlines / time restraints.

This strip is seriously my favorite.


Now I have to add this to my list of schools I'm considering.

In case you've been living under a rock, this is funny.

You might notice I didn't use an LJ-cut, but that's because it's COOL to stick links in your post so you have this BLOGSTYLE and why am I capitalizing words, is it sarcasm or another of many signs of mental illness... too many words.

I go through phases of Internet use, so I'm kind of in a MySpace phase right now, which explains why I'm all frenetically active on it instead of LJ.  Also, you should make a MySpace account so you can hear my profile music, and friend me and stuff of course.  And totally whore yourself.  I'm getting pretty good at it so I can tutor you.  If I'm not available, find any gay boy with Internet access and is sufficeintly far on his TRIP THROUGH GAYNESS that he's reached Whore.
I think it goes:

I think I'm straight
Oooh ummm, wait maybe
Holy crap
Now I have to act super-gay to balance things out
*get molested (oh wait that's just me)
Begin to stablize and incorporate your homosexuality in your behavior
Settle down to be the "gay weird kid" instead of just the "weird kid"
Become lonely and whore yourself
Get a boyfriend OR become a total slut
Live happily ever after OR live happily ever after OR get sucked into 'the scene' get AIDS and overdose on crack while giving a five dollar blowjob.

I think it may be a bit skewed by my inexperience, but I think that's right.
I'm always right

Sweaty French rave and tellurium goes well with unitards and Buddhists.

I may have overloaded you with information, but that's just me.  Be glad I didn't write about Derrida* and how that explains why I don't post as often.  HAHAHAHA.  Yeah I'm fucked up.

*bwahahaha footnote, but that's what I thought when I heard about the French philosopher
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